Steam Saunas - Cupola

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Cupola or dome-style steam bath - special design steam bath for a special person. The extraordinary shape enables you to enjoy sauna as it was done originally centuries ago in Ancient Greece and Rome. Due to its design the dome sauna can also be used for light therapy, when changing the light accordingly. Cupola is suitable for private home spas and public wellness centres and it can fit 4-10 persons (depending on size).

For special orders the technical restrictions of Cupola baths will be given separately for each order.

Technical restrictions for Cupola serial production are the following:

minimum size: d = 2m, h = 2,2m
maximum size: d= 4m, h = 3m

Figure (PDF)

Delivery time for 1-10 products is 1 months. For larger quantities the delivery time is specially agreed on.For further questions please refer to our sales department: