Spa Modules has been involved in design, manufacture, installation and servicing of luxury swimming pools and wellness-buildings for more than seven years. Our productive team consists of designers, technical engineers and professional installers. In cooperation with you we help you create a reality out of your ideas by consulting about design, creative solutions and technical information. Our services include the final installation, supervision and delivery if requested by the client.

Humid rooms are an important part of hamam. In steam room the skin and respiratory organs are purified as a result of hot and humid steam that can be refined by using eucalyptus or camomile aroma. Maximum temperature is 60 degrees (Celsius) and humidity about 70-90%. Steam cabins are produced according to special order or delivered in three standard designs.

Steam rooms and benches are produced of 80 mm polystyrene that has been fortified with fiberglass for attaching ceramic tiles. Polystyrene (XPS) is osmosis resistant and has high isolation protection. The roof is ​​curved to prevent the formation of drops. Glass security doors are fitted with an aluminum frame.

Steam generator is specially adapted for the conditions of a steam room. LED-lights are available as advanced features for light therapy.

In preliminary discussions with client we can fix the size of the Spa Module complex: the extent of open space (hydrotherapy pools, spa baths, saunas, steam rooms) and areas for extra charged private treatments. According to this information we provide you with the Spa Module complex based on CAD-schema, which is used to prepare a detailed offer.



We have been involved in more than 50 different projects in Norway, Finland, Sweden, Latvia and Lithuania. Our team has excellent know-how and lots of experience having designed and produced several spas, wellness-centres, hotels, luxury yachts, etc. For further questions please refer to our sales department: